My First Blog Bake – Chocolate Chip Cookies

I decided to ease into the baking and blogging thing with what I thought would be an easy, no fail recipe: chocolate chip cookies. Keep reading to find out how wrong I was!

The recipe I used is from The Student Cookbook by Gina Steer, this book was given to me a few Christmas’ ago when I was still in University. It has extremely useful tips from how to sauté potatoes to the terminology used in many cook books!

This is what the cookies are supposed to look like!


  • 75g / 3oz Plain Flour
  • A Pinch Of Salt
  • 1/2 Tsp Baking Powder
  • 40g / 1.5oz Butter
  • 50g / 2oz Soft Light Brown Sugar
  • 1.5 Tbsp Golden Syrup
  • 50g / 2oz Chocolate Chips


Firstly, I remembered to do the one thing I always forget to do, preheat the oven at 190C, this was the first win. To make extra cookies I doubled the recipe, this proved to be a good idea, the second and possibly last win I had whilst baking these cookies. I carefully measured the flour and sieved it into the bowl, I then realised that I didn’t have any baking powder so I threw the flour back in the into bag and remeasured with self raising flour. Thinking smuggly to myself, this balances the lack of baking powder out right? I later find out it probably doesn’t.

I then throw in the salt and chop in the butter, from my previous baking experience, softened butter works best. Here is where I had to get my hands dirty, I pinched the ingredients and rubbed my finger tips together, keeping this up until I got a bread crumb like mixture.

This took a few minutes, I am certain my technique is questionable and I was not patient enough to keep this up until it was the most breadcrumb like it could be.

Next I added the sugar, this is where I found out I did not have enough light brown sugar. So I did the only thing any reasonable human would do, I used all the remaining brown sugar (approx half required) then did a quarter of the sugar required as granulated sugar and then the rest as dark brown sugar. Was this a factor in the result of my cookies? Probably!

I added the golden syrup and chocolate chips, however, I did not have enough chocolate chips so I made what I thought would have been a smart decision and substituted the remainder with mini fudge pieces. Another mark on the questionable decisions board! Next I used my trusty wooden spoon to mix the crap out of the mixture as I do not own a fancy exoteric countertop mixer. This took considerably longer than I thought it would but that is likely due to my lack of exercise as I am not used to physical exertion.

Eventually, the mixture turned into a dough like consistency. It looked and tasted exactly like cookie dough should which lulled me into a false sense of confidence. Looking back, I was too confident too early on!

Although, I am not 100% sure what the consistency of cookie dough is as it isn’t something I ever eat or make so I could have been and likely was, way off base.

Next is the easiest and possibly most fun step, rolling the mixture into small balls and placing them on the baking sheet. Looking at them I was quietly laughing to myself as they looked so good, I really thought I had this in the bag.

After just short of 15 minutes in the oven I pulled them out. They were looking slightly less beautiful but still tasty. As a responsible adult, I left them to cool and returned shortly later.

The cookies delicious looks were deceiving, they looked soft and gooey (to my untrained eye) but in actual fact they were rock solid and damn near impossible to bite.

Even though they still tasted good, the challenges to eat them outweighed the taste so the remainder of the cookies went in the bin. They were so hard that when thrown in the bin, it sounded like my entire kitchen counters had fallen off the wall, never a good sound to be made from a cookie!

I chose the easiest recipe I could think off and still failed, however, unlike the Hanna before this adulting journey, I did not get annoyed at myself. Did all my substituted ingredients contribute to this failure of a bake? Probably! Am I likely to learn from this mistake? As I have been substituting ingredients since I was old enough to use the oven, it is extremely unlikely!

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