Who Am I?

In short, I am a mediocre 24 year old, who graduated university and then moved back in with parents. A year later got my first ‘real’ job and completely relocated with my boyfriend, two years after that (and probably two stone heavier) here I am. 

I am on a mission to be a fully fledged and organised adult, cooking real meals, keeping the house clean and bettering my career. If you had told 14 year old Hanna that in 10 years she will be where she is now, she would have laughed at you. 14 year old Hanna thought she would have been running her own company by now. Turns out teenagers do NOT know everything!

This blog will be capturing my journey and documenting the epic fails that are inevitable along the way. I would have chosen to make YouTube videos like most people of my generation in this situation but I am incredibly awkward on camera. No-one should have to sit through that.

I am not failing in life but I am by no means succeeding either. I am just cruising through and existing, which is not and has never been my life goal. Don’t take that the wrong way. I do not want to be famous, I want to be successful. 

If you have any recipes, organisational ideas or general life hacks let me know, by emailing adultingwithhanna@gmail.com. I will try them and blog about them on here. Who knows, maybe one day I will video this journey too!

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