Making Healthier Habits

As a 24 year old who regularly questions her life choices, I decided that I needed to make some changes to my diet and lifestyle and being furloughed gives me no excuses to not make the changes. The first step in this is making some habits, as the saying goes it takes 21 days to make something a habit. So I have spent some time thinking about things I would like to make a new habit. Some things on the list I do everyday, such as cleaning my teeth. I may be an unorganised adult but I am not a monster!

I originally wanted to do 21 habits for 21 days but could not think off 21 things to do. If I think of any extras along the way I will add them and continue them for 21 days. Do you have any suggestions of good habits that I can do? Comment them below!

I have created a tracker which I will update daily but will do a weekly blog post to update the few readers I currently have. Am I confident I will do all of these tasks everyday for 21 days? Absolutely not! Will I give it my best try? Yes!

WAKE BY 9:30 – This I do most mornings, I do not like to sleep in too much otherwise I find I am more lethargic and my day is way less productive. I only really sleep past 9:30 if I have had rough night. I am hoping that keeping this routine will help me fall back into my work pattern when I am unfurloughed.

MAKE THE BED – I never used to do this, I used to be so rushed in the mornings that it just wasn’t a priority. However, I noticed that getting into a nicely made bed in the evening is waaaay nicer and makes me just generally happier in myself. I feel more put together making the bed which seems ridiculous as I type it but it is the truth. I don’t know why it makes me feel that way, it just does.

CLEAN YOUR TEETH – This is do morning and night, as I mentioned earlier I may be unorganised and barely an adult but I am not a monster. I added this in just so that I will have completed at least one thing on my list by the end of the 21 days. Lazy and kind of cheating I hear you say? Yes but I don’t care!

WASH YOUR FACE – I am fairly good at this, my skin on my face is fairly sensitive so sometimes if I use to many products then I have to only rinse my face with water for a few days. If this happens I am still counting it. I might do a blog post on my daily face routine at the end of all of this so follow me to get notified when I post!

MOISTURISE – I have always been told that the key to good skin is to moisturise so I am going to make sure I do that. When I am older I want to look good and have nice healthy skin. It seems like an unnecessary step being do young but investing in yourself now will pay off in the future.

DRINK AT LEAST 1 LITRE OF WATER – I SUCK at drinking water, i’m so bad at it! Some days I don’t drink any water and then get a massive headache! Before lockdown was announced I was slowly getting into the habit of drinking a good litre and a half if not more of water, but lockdown happened and I just stopped. I don’t know why but being at work seemed to help, my boss would remind everyone to drink more water (it was a team goal to increase our water intake) and seeing the bottle on my desk also acted as a constant reminder. Refilling your bottle also was a good excuse to get away from your desk.

When I was drinking water I found that I got way less headaches, my skin was clearer, I felt better within myself and that I felt more awake. I want to go back to that!

MAKE A TO DO LIST – I am a list person, every morning in work I would make my to do list and prioritise, then I would be ready to start my day. I have continued to make lists most days in lockdown and these days are always more productive, so I want this to continue everyday. I hate feeling unproductive.

EAT AT LEAST THREE OF MY FIVE A-DAY – If you read my Super Simple Mango Smoothie blog, you will know that I am a picky eater and rarely get my five a-day. I am taking baby steps by aiming for three a day, I will increase this over time until I get my five a day.

DRINK A SMOOTHIE – To help get my three a-day I am going to drink a smoothie everyday. I will make them so I can control what goes into it as I am aware that smoothies can be very high in sugar. I also find that I can put fruits and veggies in smoothies that I generally don’t like to eat. So this way I am consuming healthy stuff that I wouldn’t normally eat. I also find this with soups – if they are smooth I will generally love it, a lot of the time it is the texture of the vegetable that I don’t like, or the taste of it on its own. If that makes sense.

UNLOAD AND RELOAD THE DISHWASHER – I unload the dishwasher pretty much every day, however, I always forget to put it on before I go to bed. We don’t have a window in our kitchen so it generally smells if the dishwasher isn’t put on daily. This also frustrates be because it means the dishes and cutlery I need the next day are dirty so I have to either hand wash them or wait for the dishwasher to finish. Really this habit will just make me less grumpy in the morning!

WIPE DOWN THE KITCHEN SURFACES – I do this generally every other or every third day, but I just think it would make the kitchen nicer if I did it everyday. It is kind of therapeutic to see a nice clean kitchen. It also makes cooking in it more enjoyable and motivates me to cook properly so it is a win-win really.

WORK ON THE BLOG – I really want this blog to be successful and I have actually enjoyed blogging more than I thought I would so I just want to set some time aside to work on the blog each day. Whether that is planning posts or reading other blogs, I want to set aside a little time to make this blog as successful as possible!

HAVE AT LEAST ONE HOUR OF ELECTRONIC FREE TIME – I am going to unplug for at least an hour a day. I might do a face mask, have a relaxing bath or read a book. I used to love reading and am slowly getting back into it. I have ordered a new book on amazon and cannot wait to start reading it. Comment any book suggestions below, I will read anything.

DO PHYSIO EXERCISES – I have had two surgeries last year, one in July and one in December, due to a long term injury. With COVID-19 putting the country in lockdown I have been unable to have a face to face physio appointment. This has put a slight stop to my recovery but I am determined to make the best of being furloughed and dedicate more time to physio exercises – something I wouldn’t normally be able to do because I would have been working. I have also made it my goal this year to not have another surgery – my surgeon and physio are debating whether a third surgery is needed. I hope not because it will be the fourth one in total and I am done with it!

WORKOUT FOR A MINIMUM OF 15 MINUTES – This will seem like nothing to the vast majority of you. But since October 2018 I have spent nine months in a cast and 10 months in an air boot. I have barely any muscle on my injured leg and due to not exercises for so long my cardio is at the worst it has ever been so I have to start small. I will gradually increase this as I improve but I do not want to overdo it as that will be more detrimental and I will fail at making this a habit.

If I miss a day on any habit I will continue to do it until I reach 21 days, my goal is to not miss any but I have to be realistic, I am likely to fail in doing every one of them for 21 days straight through. How many do you think I will complete for 21 days?

Continue on this habit journey with me by following this post!

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